Our teachers need someone to tell their stories. To be their voice when they don’t have a voice themselves.

It’s important for them to have an advocate. Someone who will listen, who will learn the best way to help them, and who will advocate for them as a person.

The Teacher’s Resource was started in August 2020 to be that advocate. To help take care of the person behind the teacher and to provide tools and resources to support their self-care.  

We quickly realized that our organization was not just a resource, but a lifeline for teachers.  

We offer support for every teacher in every state across the United States. From public schools to private schools, from preschool through high school. We offer support for teachers during every part of their journey - for those who are just starting out, all the way to retirement.

We have succeeded in connecting with teachers across the country and have impacted their lives in a positive way. We’ve been able to provide relief and a sense of hope that things will get better.

This is just the beginning. This is not a one-time thank you. We have BIG plans and we want to share them with you!

An Advocate For Teachers

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The response we received from teachers when we first started was “Is this real?”

Teachers could not believe that there was an organization focused entirely on them.

We knew right away that what we were doing was truly needed. That even the smallest change, the most simple gesture, could make a huge impact.


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Teachers deserve access to a variety of programs and tools that will help them both personally and professionally. They deserve to be recognized for their hard work and have the support they need not only during the school year, but all year round.  

The Teacher’s Resource offers everything from self-care backpacks and giveaways, to recognizing amazing teachers and schools, to promoting self-care and the opportunity to build a strong community.

We are working hard to offer teachers an organization that they can call their own. Teachers will know they can count on us to provide what they need both in and out of the classroom.

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Our Programs

Brianne Gore - Elementary School Teacher

Being an educator is so hard right now,
but The Teacher’s Resource has given me hope, love, and support that helps make difficult days completely better!

Katie Vickery Carly - Special Education Teacher

I can’t thank Teacher’s Resource enough for supporting me
when I felt out of control and alone!
 You don’t know me personally, but you support me, and I can’t be more grateful.

Jessica White - School Counselor

I love that there are people and organizations in this world such as you all! What you are doing will bring much joy and
heart-filled love and care to teachers.


The price for each shirt is ONLY $20 for adults and $10 for children - including shipping! Every dollar goes directly toward providing programs and resources for our teachers.

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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

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You can choose from “I am the PERSON behind the teacher” or “I support the PERSON behind the teacher” 

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